Video intercoms for your home or business

Safeguard you and your assets

A home or business intercom system can be far more than just an easy way to summon team members for a meeting or call the family to dinner. It’s not only a complete paging and communications system, but it also enables you to know who is at the front door when you have your head down working or are lounging by the pool.

Intercom systems – a cost-effective approach to communications and security

Whether for home or business, the uses for an intercom system are endless. They are an instant way to send a message, give an instruction, or to ask for help. They are also incredibly cost-effective, and:

  • Ensure safety: Our clients use intercoms for front door security and monitoring children and babies’ rooms, and even as safety devices for seniors
  • Monitor visitors: Answer intercom calls from entrance stations and activate gate relays to provide them with access
  • Promote efficiencies: Don’t tie up phone lines or wait for email
  • Deliver convenience: No more running up and down stairs, opening the door for salespeople or sitting at the front desk when you could be working out-back, and
  • Enable fast communication: Intercoms enable live, two-way communications that provide an instant response.

We know that purchasing the right video intercom for your home or business can be daunting – there’s an endless choice of systems and features! Our job is to guide you through, providing the right information in a clear manner to ensure you make an informed purchasing decision. We aren’t paid by particular companies to sell their products – we act impartially, ensuring that you receive unbiased information that is relevant to your security needs and budget.

Professional installation

The best security system in the world won’t help if it isn’t installed correctly. Platinum’s service team are all trained and certified, and have the skills and experience required to customise a system to your specific needs. We take the time to clearly explain how it all works and talk through any questions you may have.

Talk to the Platinum Security Systems team today about your intercom options

Whether you’re looking for a bit more security in your home, music throughout the house, or just an easy way to call everyone for dinner or a meeting, a video intercom system is a fantastic addition to your home or business. Talk to us now to organise an obligation-free walk-though to identify the best intercom system for your needs.



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