Harness the information age with smart wiring

Affordable smart wiring for Penrith

No longer are phones and computers hard-wired into the home. Smart wiring has enhanced our lifestyle, enabling us to access network devices simply, quickly and with minimal interruption.

Platinum Security Systems offers a range of smart wiring options that are completely affordable for families. If you have a computer, stream movies and TV, play networked games or have a VOIP phone, then smart wiring is an absolute must.

What is smart wiring?

Smart wiring is a network of cables in your home, with access points from wall plates in various rooms, and which are linked back to a neatly-contained hub (often discretely located in a garage or cupboard). Our team can offer you advice on the latest smart wiring advances, as well as the options that would best suit your needs and your home.

The benefits of smart wiring

Smart wiring:

  • Enables Smart-TV and Pay-TV
  • Facilitates audio across the home
  • Provides internet, wireless and network access
  • Provides fast streaming of music, TV and movies, and
  • Supports Access Control and CCTV systems.

High-speed connectivity for new and existing homes

Whether you are in an existing home or planning to build a new one, Platinum Security SystemsR can supply and install all of the equipment required to modernise your connectivity.

And of course, all installation by Platinum’s licenced, experienced professionals meets Australian Standards.

With a team that specialises in networking and data point installation, home access control and CCTV, it’s no wonder we’re Penrith’s number one choice for smart wiring, security solutions and ducted vacuum systems.

Smart wiring – the smart choice

Bring your home up to speed with the latest technology, opening you up to a world of possibilities. Talk to a member of the Platinum Security SystemsR team today, and find out just how far smart wiring can take you.



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