Ducted vacuum systems: a simple choice for thorough dust removal

Penrith’s leading provider of ducted vacuum systems

An ineffective vacuum cleaner can be frustrating – not only are they noisy, but poor vacuums leave behind hairs, dirt, crumbs and other material no matter how hard you push!

If this sounds like you, then a ducted vacuum system could be the answer. They provide power and convenience, as well as being quiet and efficient.

Platinum Security Systems provides a range of ducted vacuum systems, hose sets and accessories. Not only will they improve your families’ health, but also remove the burden of cleaning and give you the time (and energy!) to focus on the things that really matter.

Why a ducted vacuum system?

Ducted vacuum systems have become increasingly popular due to a number of factors. Not only are they quiet, but also incredibly powerful and efficient.

  • Affordable – Ducted systems are inexpensive, costing little more than ordinary vacuum cleaners
  • Convenient – Light-weight hoses and no awkward equipment to juggle (especially in stairways)
  • Simple to use – Just plug it in and go!
  • Safe – No electrical cords, and no damage to floors, walls or furniture
  • Less cleaning – The intense suction system means that carpets, tiles, furnishings and blinds remain cleaner for longer
  • Whisper-quiet – Minimal noise levels
  • Low-maintenance – Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Incredibly powerful – Microscopic dust and particles are eliminated quickly and easily, and
  • Healthier – Dirt isn’t recycled like portable vacuum systems, delivering dramatically improved air quality.

Ducted vacuum systems are between four to six times more powerful than a canister cleaner. Best of all, our systems come with a comprehensive warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

Talk to us about your specific needs

Every home is different, but we’re here to help make your ducted vacuum design a simple process. We can advise on the right set-up for your home – from the position and number of inlets through to piping, accessories and the ideal system or model to meet your needs, you’ll benefit from honest, impartial advise.


Talk to Platinum Security Systems today, and see how we can add value to your home while making life a whole lot easier!



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